Former alderman officially announces Savannah mayoral bid

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ellis Cook has made it official. The former longtime Savannah alderman has once again set his sights on the golden dome. This time, he wants to be mayor.

Cook told supporters in Johnson Square that if elected, he'll take a 15 percent salary cut,  forfeit the $12,000 mayoral automobile allowance and will not seek a second term.

"My goals are to bring this city back together. It's divided among racial lines right now. I want to bring everyone back together to have a city council that works as a team instead of going off in different directions," Cook told WTOC. "By working together I think we could put this city back on the right path."

Cook spent 16 years on Savannah City Council, serving eight years as mayor pro-tem and currently is a member of the Metropolitan Planning Commission board. So far, he joins former state senator Regina Thomas in the mayor's race.

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