Elementary students get head start on future

OKATIE, SC (WTOC) - On Thursday, students at Okatie Elementary got the opportunity to learn all about different career options, including health professions, firefighting and being a police officer.

Lowcountry reporter Jaime Dailey had to priveledge to talk to the students about being a news reporter and about some of the exciting stories she gets to cover. While the students are only in Elementary, many say they already know what they want to do when they grow up.

"I want to be a news reporter because I like to work with all of the electronics especially the cameras," said student Drew Hager.

"I want to be a SPC Volunteer because I watch the animal shows and I love what they do, how they help animals and I want to be like them, or a vet," student Gracie Lester told WTOC.

Jamie also let the student get a feel for being a news reporter. The students got the chance to interview people.

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