Finish a half marathon by November

By Dawn Baker - email | bio

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Can you walk around the block right now? What about walking a lap around the park? Even if you can't today, you can finish a half-marathon by November. Don't laugh at what I am saying. I am just repeating what the experts are saying. With the right training and a little motivation, you can do it.

I might regret this, but I am taking the challenge. I am determined to complete the half marathon during the Rock N' Roll Marathon this November. This national race is coming here and could very well bring 20- thousand runners and walkers to our fair city. I am joining 23 members of my WTOC family for the official training that Fleet Feet Sports Savannah begins on February 19.

"Our training programs are going to vary based on people's experience," said explained owner Fleet Feet Sports Robert Espinoza. "We may have some people who want to run the entire way. We will develop a training program around that. Most of the people that want to start the crew program and half marathon and marathon training programs will be doing the run/ walk program. What that does is it helps you recover while you are running. When you run, your heart rate is going to go up at a certain time you're going to start walking. That walking is a major part of you finishing the event so the run/ walk program has been successful for a long time."

"We have a program called No Boundaries for people who have never run a 5K that will lead right into that half marathon training. So you can literally go from never running to running a half marathon. Also, if you have just run minimally done like run/ walk, if you can run about 3 miles you can get started with us in May and we will train you from May to November to get you ready for that half marathon," added Lydia DePue, certified trainer, Fleet Feet Sports Savannah.

There is also another informational meeting where you can learn everything that you need to know about all of the training programs they offer from 5K's to the half marathon and marathon on next Wednesday, February 9th at 6 PM at Fleet Feet Sports Savannah. They're also offering programs for the more advanced runners, but I am super excited about all of us who are not runners getting a chance to participate and finish strong in a major race like the rock n' roll.

Even if you do not want to participate as a runner or walker, you can still join in the fun. Fleet Feet will need plenty of volunteers leading up to the big event as well as on that day.

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