Driver survives head on collision with a big rig

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

EDEN, GA (WTOC) - A head on collision with a big rig and no one was seriously hurt.

It happened near the intersection of Old River Road and U.S. 80 in Eden. The crash is the talk of the area. No one can believe the driver of the pickup, 23-year-old Antwan Wright, walked away with only minor injuries.

"I was taken away," said Amanda Rowe who works across the street from where the accident happened. "I thought to myself, he's really lucky. He has a guardian angel watching over him."

Rowe works at the chevron gas station on Old River Road. She's seen plenty of accidents outside this store in the past, but never one like this.  "I saw the truck and was just in awe with it," said Rowe. "I really honestly didn't think anybody made it through that wreckage."

Rowe's not alone. Bryan Shearouse with the Effingham County Sheriff's Office was the first deputy to arrive. "As soon as we pulled up we immediately thought we were going to have a fatality; however much to our surprise whenever we walked over to the driver's side, the driver was alert and conscience."

Trapped in twisted metal, and yet still talking. "I have a feeling if he hadn't been trapped in the vehicle he would have been able to get out and walk away from it," said Shearouse.

Wright was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but first responders feel he's going to be just fine.

Deputies say Wright swerved into the tractor trailer's lane.  They believe Wright possibly fell asleep while driving.

It's unclear what saved his life, was it luck, faith? No one knows. "It was a ball of metal on the wrecker. A ball of metal," exclaimed Rowe.

Wright's going to be charged with driving on the wrong side of the road.

As for the tractor trailer driver he's going to be okay. Deputies say he was just shaken up.

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