Alabama courtroom turns into a shooting gallery

GOODWATER, AL (WTOC) - An officer opened fire in court at a would be attacker just outside of Birmingham Thursday.

Police say the suspect, in court on a domestic violence charge, went for an officer's gun while arguing with the judge.

That's when another officer took aim and shot him.

Now witnesses demand to know why, when the suspect didn't even have a weapon yet.

"Two officers, one guy hip broken, on crutches. I thought maybe he maybe could've been contained or tased, whatever. Instead of using, uh, the excessive force that was used," said Laderrick McCoy.

"After he shot him the first time, I said don't shoot him no more. You know, I didn't think he was going to do it," said Sarah Williams.

Residents of the Alabama town now want the officer to be held accountable. The suspect was airlifted to a nearby hospital, no word on his condition.

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