Problems during tax season

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

SAVNNAH, GA (WTOC) - Sophia Lovett loves to get her taxes out of the way early.

"You know you're supposed to file your taxes before April. You might as well go ahead and do it now instead of waiting until April gets here and then you file them," said Lovett.

It's a good thing Sophia decided to do that. After filing earlier this year at Liberty Tax Service, she learned someone had stolen her identity.

"The IRS called me and said that somebody already filed my taxes," said Sophia.

Identity theft has become a growing trend and unfortunately many unknowing victims discover the problem after filing their yearly tax return.

"We had another gentleman, a couple of years ago, whose social and name got stolen. The person went to Louisiana and worked for the whole year and made thousands of dollars and didn't have any taxes withheld and so he's having to deal with trying to get all of that income relinquished from his Social Security Number," said Dana Skiljan, Manager at Liberty Tax Service on Waters Avenue.

As if ID theft isn't bad enough, changes are now being made to the tax code. This year the IRS announced those who itemize will have to wait to file their taxes both by mail and electronically until mid-February because of new tax legislation.

"To me, that has been a bigger impact than any of the smaller changes that they've made, not allowing people to file some of these taxes. I have a bin full of taxes that haven't been filed yet," said Skiljan.

Sophia, on the other hand, will have to wait up to eight months to get her refund once her tax return has been filed.

"Don't let anybody get your information, your ID or anything, because they can mess you up," Lovett said.

This year's tax return deadline has been pushed back to April 18th because of a Washington, DC holiday called Emancipation Day.

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