St. Joseph's/Candler settles $2.7M billing probe

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - St. Joseph 's/Candler has to pay 2.7 million to settle a probe into Medicaid billing at its two Savannah hospitals, Georgia Attorney General announced Samuel S. Olens on Tuesday.

The civil settlement is the result of an 11-month investigation by the Georgial Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Crossover claims, which are made for those covered by Medicare as their primary insurer and Medicaid as their secondary insurer, didn't reflect the full amount of Medicare prior payments so St. Joseph's/Candler got extra Medicaid reimbursements, according to the Georgia Attorney General's Office.

St. Joseph's/Candler denied wrongdoing and will pay the Georgia Department of Community Health more than $2.7 million to settle possible claims related to the billion errors plus $2,500 for the cost of the investigation.

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