I survived it...so can you

By Dawn Baker - email | bio

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Tuesday was the beginning of an amazing journey with 12 of my new friends at Daffin Park. It's day one of the No Boundaries Program sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports Savannah and New Balance. We started with the basics of learning how to stretch properly, how to breath and the proper form for runners. I am excited about taking the first toward becoming a runner.

The program is comprehensive and includes nutrition, strength and flexibility training and is designed for true beginners.

"This program is for beginning runners people who are inactive or have never run before it's just a slow gradual progression from walk running maybe a 30 second jog to a four minute jog near the end of the 12 weeks. at the end of the 12 weeks all of the runners will be running the Susan G. Komen race together," said Certified Trainer Lydia Depue.

For more information about the program visit www.fleetfeetsavannah.com/no-boundaries-2010.

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