Local Woman Receives Marrow Donation

They say family ties bind us together. Certainly, it was this bond that sent Alyssa Ennis' family to her rescue when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Alyssa's mom, Neva, said, "I took a leave of absence from my job, so I could be with her, because you never know what chemo will do to a person."

For Alyssa, chemo cost her what it costs most cancer patients. She lost her hair, her livelihood, and the chance to see her own daughter start her first day of school. It is also going to cost her a tremendous amount of money in medical bills, but for now her main focus is on being cured.

Alyssa said of her family's steadfast support, "It can be really devastating, but family support is really important. That's what's mainly getting me through it, knowing that family is behind me, backing me"

Unlike many leukemia patients, who cannot find a donor, Alyssa found a donor close to home. Her older brother will be her bone marrow donor. "My only brother, we went and had him tested in Atlanta and we just found out a few days ago he was a perfect match," she says.

Evidently, Alyssa's brother wasted no time in agreeing to the operation. "My son said right off the bat there was no question. If he was needed he would gladly do it and luckily he had a perfect match and that doesn't happen very often, not very often at all."

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com