St. Joseph's/Candler to pay $2.7 million settlement

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - St. Joseph's/Candler has agreed to pay $2.7 million in a civil settlement for Medicaid billing.

The state brought it to the hospitals attention about a year ago, that Medicaid had overpaid some claims. They launched an investigation and the hospital agreed that there were a number of claims that were overpaid, where patients had both medicaid and medicare coverage.

This went on for about a three-year period, each claim was anywhere between $15 to $1,000. St. Joseph's Candler's Corporate Compliance Officer Doreen Chery says that this was a state computer glitch where the claims would be sent to Medicare and would cross over to the Medicaid system.

"That is what we have reserves for and you know whenever you have something like this that happens we will be paying back to Federal Government they wanted in one lump sum. No patient care will be interrupted or any other effect to the health care system we will be able to overcome this," said Chery.

This is 1 percent of Medicaid and Medicare claims at St. Joseph's/Candler over a three-year period. They aren't the only hospital that this happened to, several other hospitals across the the state had the same thing happen.

So something like this doesn't happen again, the hospital has put a new software system in place.

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