InSITE--Homework Help!

It's back to school for the kids, but if you're a parent, you know there's homework ahead for you. Will you pass or fail? I found a place with all the answers on the Internet. It's Refdesk's Homework Helper. You have two choices here. Keep it secret and let your kids think you're the smartest parent on the block, or tell them about it so they can work on their own. It's very well laid out. Start at the top and pick your child's grade. Face it, you'll have to help the grade- schoolers the most, so they're on top. Scroll on down and they break down the information by subject matter. Now, remember these are links to other web sites, other references to help with homework. So they're going to the experts, or at least the best sites for the info you need. In essence, they've done your homework.

Like picking out the best books around for kids. References to hundreds of books.

There's even a collection of flashcards, if you remember those. A high tech version to get kids to do math in their heads, and you can pick how hard or easy the equations are.

As they get older, homework gets more complicated, and here's a big help in history. "From Revolution to Reconstruction, and What Happened Afterwards" is a site with an easy to navigate collection starting with our colonial period and working right up to a more detailed look at modern America.

The Refdesk page is extensive. If there's any question you need answered about homework, or papers or even how to study, this site will have a link to take you there.