Coming up on THE News at Daybreak: Mayor Johnson to give State of City address

A Bluffton mobile home appears to be a total loss after a late night fire. We'll let you here what firefighters are saying.

Tonight, Mayor Otis Johnson will give his State of the City Address during the first Savannah Town Hall Meeting of the Year and you will have an opportunity to ask questions to the mayor and council members. Tune in this morning to find out how.

A day before the town hall meeting, council members and Mayor Johnson met for their annual retreat where things once again got a little heated. Hear what they had to say this morning on THE News at Daybreak.

South Carolina's Medicaid program just got a big set back in funding. We'll tell you what happened this morning.

Also - Outdoor enthusiasts in Georgia may soon find themselves paying more as they head to state parks.

The nation's busiest airport just happens to be in Georgia and now they're changing how they screen passengers.

Temperatures are starting to creep into the 50s and 60s during the day, but will that trend continue. Meteorologist Dave Turley will be along with your exclusive Doppler Max 11 forecast.

What will the roads look like for your morning commute? Our traffic guru Mark Robertson will be here to tell us and try again to stump Mike, Jenn & Dave.  Plus - What's warm, soft, and red? A WTOC Snuggle Me of course. And you can win one this morning on THE News at Daybreak. Be sure to tune into traffic and trivia.

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