Guyton man wins $2.5 million

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - A Guyton man is feeling a little less stress these days now that he just won $2.5 million after purchasing a winning scratch-off lottery ticket.

The winning number was 14. Samuel Bazemore, of Guyton, couldn't believe what he was seeing. "It was kind of surreal," said Bazemore.

So surreal in fact, he wasn't sure if what he was seeing was actually real. "I kind of covered it up and asked the girl that sold me the ticket, I said is this the number 14?" said Bazemore.

"I screamed," said Leslie Garvin, the clerk who sold Bazemore the winning ticket. "My boss and co worker came walking up to me and she said what's wrong? I said oh my God, I gave him the big one! He finished scratching and said, oh my God $2.5 million dollars. I was shocked. I was more nervous than he was."

Bazemore agreed, "You would have thought she won."

Even though Bazemore is $2.5 million richer, not much is going to change in his life. He says he loves the company he works for so he won't be quitting his job. He's mainly looking at future plans. "I am going to get rid of all of my debt, make sure my kids are taken care of for college, and make sure me and my wife have money put away for our retirement," said Bazemore.

This modest man, who was raised on a farm doesn't think the win is going to change much in his life, other than money is one less thing he has to worry about. "It's like a dream come true. I'm happy and I'm going to be happy the rest of my life," said Bazemore.

The winning ticket was purchased at Snack Barrel on Ebenezer Road in Rincon.

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