A Beaufort marine taking his case all the way to Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, DC (WTOC) - Capt. Jonathan Rowles testified in front of a Congressional committee about the practices of JP Morgan Chase towards deployed servicemen Wednesday.

He and his wife are suing the bank, claiming they were overcharged up to $900 a month.

Rowles said banks should offer more cooperation to servicemen and women during deployments.

"Every soldier, sailor, or marine doesn't want to worry about finances that they worry about back home and the F.R.O. has that kind of contact," said Captain Rowles. "You spend your time trying to not worry about home, but it's still in the back of your mind, yes sir."

The committee also heard from JP Morgan Chase who admits to overcharging several thousand families and foreclosing on over a dozen.

The issue will be taken up again next week.

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