Campaign to build shelter for women and children

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Old Savannah City Mission is launching a campaign to raise money to transform a warehouse into a shelter for women and children.

The rooms might be empty now, but it wont be for long. Old Savannah City Mission's Executive Director Rev Jim Lewis he's got big plans.

"Eventually this section will be an open bay dorm and at that time we will have 100 beds capacity, which will make a shelter which we will call a five star, come as you are shelter for homeless and destitute women and children," said Lewis.

This is something Rev. Lewis says the community is lacking.

"It was reported there are 669 homeless children in the school system of Savannah. So the need is there and it's growing and increasing,"said Lewis.

While they have the space Rev. Lewis says they now need the money to renovate so they are looking to their donors for help.

"We will be contacting about 10,000 donors who have given to the mission that have a history of helping us and we want to share this good news and we are believing they will respond generously," said Lewis.

"We need $850,000 to get everything in shape and finished for the entire process. For the first phase we need $330,000," said Lewis.

The shelter will create enough living space for 50 homeless women and at least four rooms will be set aside for women and their children.

While the fundraising campaign is just beginning, Rev. Lewis is optimistic.

"We can do it we want to do it but need the communities help," said Lewis.

Reverend Lewis says they will continue to operate the bargain center out of the warehouse building as well and the money they generate will go towards the new shelter. If you would like to help Old Savannah City Mission, call 912.232.1979.

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