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Two Arrested in Assault of Elderly Woman

Jermaine Jackson Jermaine Jackson
Tevin Peters Tevin Peters

Someone attacked an 82-year-old woman and tried to steal her purse in Sandfly's Piggly Wiggly parking lot yesterday afternoon. She is the third elderly woman to be attacked in that parking lot since January.

Witnesses were able to give Chatham County police a great description of the car, and they put out an alert. Less than 24 hours later after the assault, Savannah police chased down the getaway car--stolen from Statesboro--in Hitch Village. Police arrested the two men inside, 19-year-old Jermaine Jackson and 18-year-old Tevin Peters and charged them with aggravated assault and attempted robbery. Police are now investigating to see if they could be connected to other purse snatchings in the area.

Julia Workman from Isle of Hope was at the Piggly Wiggly and saw the lady fall. "I didn't know if a car had hit her or what and then I found out that they had tried to snatch her purse, which was what they did before," she said. "Only the last time, the lady died."

In January, 79-year-old Sarah Price died of her injuries after attackers stole her purse and knocked her to the ground at the very same shopping center. Another woman in June was also attacked here. Police call it appalling. "It's unconscionable to think someone would attack an 80-year-old," said Sgt. Mike Wilson of Chatham County Police Department.

If the suspects arrested today are convicted, they could face stiffer penalties for crimes against the elderly.

"It is one of the most cowardly acts I can think of: to prey upon young, innocent children or frail, elderly victims," said Wilson. "I think that it's absolutely reprehensible."

"I think it's absolutely terrible," said Julia Workman. "Maybe we need a police officer down here all the time, permanently."

Reported by: Liz Flynn,


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