Soldiers Return to American Food

Thousands of Third Infantry Division soldiers spent nearly a year overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom. That takes a toll on a family and businesses in military towns like Hinesville. But most seem to be bouncing back. Military spouses and families sure have been doing their fair share of dining out, and just driving by Hinesville restaurants you can tell that the majority of soldiers are home. They're killing the cravings they've had for months in the desert.

"I wanted wings from Buffalo's," said Sgt. Rachel Gibbon, while Sgt. Victor Lawrence simply raised a glass of beer and said, "I was thinking of this more than anything."

Buffalo's, a Hinesville hotspot, is happy to have nearly three fourths of the deployed Thirrd Infantry Division soldiers back. In fact, business is up roughly 25 percent. It's obvious why. Just ask Sgt. Gibbon who had been home five days as of last night. "Every night since we've been home, we've eaten out," she said.

These soldiers just can't seem to get enough of American food. "It's nice to be able to pick what we want to eat," said Gibbon.

"They're loving fresh, hot meals, instead whatever was available and MREs. "I would go for wings and beer here. Ain't no doubt about it," said Sgt. Edwin Leon. "Don't get me wrong, MREs are good when you got to take them, but not first choice."

Reported by: Holly Bristow,