Editorial feedback - 02/07/11

I loved your to the point editorial of 2-7-11

Naturally it is the goal of the jihadist to impose Shiria law all over the world.
Then you ask: Why does our Executive Branch refuse to put America first ?
Why doesn't the Administration allow off-shore-frilling, or allow real job growth ?

Mr. Cathcart, Mr. Cathcart, you know very well what the answer is to all those questions.
IF I would tell you, you wouldn't print my reply. Well, the Truth shall set you free. 
Empires come and Empires go.
ALL of them were destroyed from within.
Read my reply from 10-05-09 ...the jihadist better hurry up otherwise the
enemies within will do the job for them.
Enemies within ?
YES !!!
The rhetoric of the Nazis, Boscheviks, Fascists e.t.c. all sounded good until it was too late.
Please don't tell me that we have THAT many un-educated people in this country who don't see where it will all end.

It's time for Congress to grew a backbone, reverse that priority, and aggressively-push toward oil, gas, coal, and nuclear-based U.S. energy-independence. Not well into the future, now !
Mr. Cathcart, this country was the arsenal of democracy and supplied the whole world, even, some times to the Nazis during WW2, which shows that we have a most cordial relationship with the biggest crooks and gangsters, if it is to our advantage.
Could America have energy independence soon ?
Of course. Will they be ?
Of course not. If you would look behind the scenes, you'd puke. But then, of course they would have to kill you.
God have mercy. Soon very soon, Israel will be surrounded by enemies. Totally surrounded.
THANK GOD I know how it will end .
Hellelujah !!!

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.