Free Blaster Fix CD

The blaster worm continues to create headaches around the world. You can always pay a pro to remove it, or download the latest fix from the internet. But what if your computer keeps crashing before you can do that? We spoke with the experts, and found out there's one fix that takes the internet right out of the loop.
Tom Brower of Savannah's PC Doctors has been busy this week, disinfecting clients' computers infected with the Blaster worm. He says the problem is these machines are behind on their free Windows updates. After disinfecting the machines, he'll spend time making sure they have all the latest updates. Without those, home users could get reinfected and help spread Blaster without even knowing it.

"Most viruses in the last year or two have been email-related viruses, you get an email, you open it up, and then it infects your computer. This is not an email virus," explained Brower. "This is a virus merely looking for computers that it can do its thing to, without you doing anything at all."
For your free Blaster CD, call at 912.233.3911 M-F 9am-5pm, or email
Over the weekend, CDs will be available at Cafe Gelato, 202 W. Julian St. @ City Market.
With hundreds of thousands of reported infections, internet traffic to the sites that offer fixes has made the experience slow going. And that's if your machine doesn't crash. But one local business,, is donating time and materials to give you an offline option. They putting the tools necessary to purge your PC on CDs, giving them away for free to anyone who can come to their offices at 219 West Bryan St., Suite 203. This technological community service could help you, and certainly won't hurt's good name.


Microsoft PC security hotline:

"We're giving the CD away for free, you don't have to buy anything or become a member," said the company's Bradley Bates. "But it certainly puts our name out there."
For more information on Blaster and the fixes you can perform on your PC, click here.

Reported by: Charles Gray,