No gun turns up in school bus search

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The Bluffton Police Department responded to McCraken Middle School when information about a hand gun on school bus was passed to a Bluffton Police School Resource officer.

The school resource officer and other Bluffton Police officers met the school bus when it arrived and escorted the children off the bus. The children were placed in a secure room during an investigation.

It was determined that a gun was never on the bus and that the student who reported the information to the police officer had heard students talking about a gun on Monday.

No charges were brought against any students.

The incident only affected the 25 students that were on the school bus. The school maintained its normal operation.

The Bluffton Police Department is reminding the community it is their responsibility to act appropriately when information is obtained to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for children in the community.

Anyone with information regarding possible criminal activity is always encouraged to call the Bluffton Police Department at 843.706.4560 or 911.

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