Cooking up some graduates at The Kids Cafe

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Kids Cafe Community Kitchen graduated 11 culinary students Tuesday.

They learned, in part, by preparing meals for more than 2,500 children a day. So to congratulate them on all their hard work, The Lady and Son's own Jamie Deen came to speak some encouraging words.

"These students do such a great job. The students that they feed everyday as they go through their course. You know, they've already begun making changes in people's lives for good; You know, even before their graduation point so I'm super proud to be here today," said Jamie Deen.

WTOC congratulates Kedrick Charles, Jonathan Cone, Lizzie Cutter, Pamela Dozier, Marvin Ellis, Samantha Gray, Brittany Johnson, Chuketa Milton, Eujeniwa Morgan, Tamara Reese, and Dawn Stubbs.

It was the 14th class to graduate from The Kids Cafe.

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