Fire chiefs issue tips for making home addresses visible

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Beaufort County fire chiefs are urging residents to make their home addresses more easily visible from the street.

The increasing difficulty of finding the door step of the person in need has become an unnecessary obstacle to service delivery, according to the Safety Education Team with the Beaufort County Fire Chief's Association.

"When we are responding, we are talking on the radio, getting equipment ready, and trying to safely steer a fire truck; so having to having to stop and search a particular location for an address number really slows us down and makes a tense situation more dangerous," said Fripp Island Fire Chief Josh Horton and president of the Beaufort County Fire Chief's Association, in a statement.

Tips for making sure home address are visible:

  • Address numbers should be a minimum of 4" tall.
  • Address numbers should contrast the background on which they are mounted.
  • Address numbers should be on both the mailbox and house.
  • Address numbers should be visible from all directions of travel.

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