School district looking at code of conduct changes

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Savannah-Chatham School District is trying to come up with ways to improve student behavior. Board members, staff, teachers and parents are looking at the disctrict's code of conduct.

They are examining everything from the district's no cell policy to cyber bullying and even cheating.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy says this is the last part of his Passport to Excellence plan to transform the entire district.

"I have worked in seven school divisions and have never seen a board come together and say we are supportive and we want our school safe," said Lockamy.

It's all about changing the district's philosophy on discipline and everyone at Wednesday's meeting is giving their input on a variety of different topics, all pertaining to student behavior.

"Expulsions-suspensions to cell phones to dress code to all the topics that would create a disruptive environment in our classroom," said Dr. Lockamy.

They are even looking at how to help students who have violated the code change their behavior.

"Throughout the entire work that we did on improving our code of conduct, helping to communicate the expectations as far as students behavior in our school district where we have looked at discipline looking and helping students to change behavior," said Dr. Lockamy.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy says this is part of his bigger plan, reorganize the district creating a safer environment for learning.

He is calling this the last piece of his puzzle to move the district forward.

Dr. Lockamy says the next step will be to go out into the community and get their input by holding public meetings which is similar to when he first announced the plan to rearrange the district with Passport to Excellence.

Once they get feedback from the community, the school board will then vote on changing the code of conduct.

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