Top Teacher: Marie Yancey

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

CLAXTON, GA (WTOC) - Teaching a student doesn't just stop in the classroom, especially for one Claxton Elementary school teacher.

One outstanding teacher Marie Yancey made it her mission to help one student in particular.

"Having her sit and read a book in front of people is probably the best accomplishment as a teacher I've had so far," said Yancey.

What is so remarkable about third grade student Vastie James read a book aloud?

"I used to not talk and now I talk," said Vastie.

Three years ago, Vastie James was in Marie Yancey's first grade class and didn't speak at all, much less read out loud.

"When I met Vastie I told her mom at open house if anyone could get her to talk that will be me," said Yancey.

So the work began.

"I tried all first grade and never anything face to face. She would call me on the phone and read to me," said Yancey.

But the Georgia Southern graduate wouldn't give up. She worked with her outside the classroom until she found her voice.

"I could cry right now to know that I helped in that way it means a lot to me. It's hard when you have a child that won't talk to you especially when you are trying to teach reading and she wouldn't read," said Yancey.

But she will now in front of her class and in front of our camera.

"She worked with me and we brought a couple of people in the clas s and I talked to them," said Yancey.

All because of a special teacher who made it her goal to get this shy little girl to overcome her fears.

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