DaimlerChrysler Delay Update

Construction continues at the proposed DaimlerChrysler site in Pooler, with hopes that a decision will be made soon. Officials say the $750 million van plant will still come to Pooler and they are not selling the land. But with such a huge investment in the proposed plant site, the state does have a backup plan.

"I would point out that the site is still the best for DaimlerChrysler and DaimlerChrysler is the best company for the site," said Rick Winger, executive director of the Savannah Economic Development Authority. "But it's only prudent that with that big of an investment that the state should begin to talk about a backup plan in the remote case that DaimlerChrysler should decide not to come to Savannah."

Officials hope a decision on the van plant will be made sometime in the near future.

Reported by: Tamika Burnett, tburnett@wtoc.com