Flames shoot 100 feet into the air near homes

By Brian Entin - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Firefighters said flames were shooting 100 feet in the air on Monday at a series of brush fires in Jasper County.

The two biggest fires burned over 100 acres near Hardeeville and Levy.

"When we got to the fires we had five structures in danger at that time and the flames were shooting high into the air," Levy Fire Chief Doug Graham said.

Margie Fields and her nephew saw the smoke but never expected it to get so close to their house.

"You can actually smell it inside. It almost seemed like the house was on fire because it was so close," Fields said.

One of the fires burned directly across the street from Fields' home.

"We were eating lunch and it kept coming closer and closer to our property…it seemed like there was fire all over the area this afternoon," Fields said.

Visibility was limited along Highway 170 because of the smoke.

According to South Carolina Forestry, there were 221 brush fires in South Carolina over the weekend.

Fire crews say with high winds and low humidity it is not a good time to burn.

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