Editorial feedback - 02/14/11

Your 2-14-11 editorial hit the nail right on the head.

Two years of ignoring those people in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (those who KNOW how to run a business) he now demands that they have a responsibility to America. Where is "his" responsibility ?

Printing money 24/7 doesn't cut it. Name me one thing (only one) that was done for the good of this country. Millions of unemployed, Billions wasted on programs that help unions and others, not us.

Trillions in "new" debt. This is insanity - UNLESS- yeah, wait a minute, done on purpose. Weren't these people crying about Bush's pawltry 170 billions ? The new debt for 2011 is tenfold. Oh yes, blame Bush, the un-educated masses will still vote for them despite the pro-Muslim policies coming out of Washington, bent unto the destruction of this Republic.Instead of helping the private sector to create jobs , thousands of fed jobs are created which produce nothing but control over the people.

Get a wheel barrow so that you can transport your money around in the future, and, once again, most importantly, 98.5% don't even know what I am talking about.

How aweful. America, America, God DID shed his grace on Thee.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.