Some passengers worry over proposed bus route changes

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Changes could be in store for folks who ride the Chatham County Area Transit.

Some riders are worried the proposed changes may cause headaches in their daily commutes.

"How are people going to get to work?" Tony Carriere a disabled west Savannah resident who relies on the bus in order to get around town. His bus route may soon change, making it more difficult for him to get to his destination.

"I am disabled and my roomate is too and that is our only outlet to get anywhere," said Carriere. "It is tough enough with the schedule they need to be adding buses, not taking away busses."

He picks up the bus at a stop near North Lathrop that is being elminated from Route 3a and moved to Route 2.

"I want to go downtwon, but the way this schedule is going, I am going to have to go to the airport first," said Carriere.

The route change is part of the proposal the Chatham Area Transit Authority plans on presenting to residents on Thursday, during a public outreach meeting.

"Some of the routes particularry the 3a and 3b, they are duplicating services," said CAT Marketing Manager Valerie Ragland. "So we are going to streamline that and put it somewhere else. The No. 11 Candler, the 14 and the number 28 buses will pick up some services the number 11 isn't producing for us."

CAT says the proposed changes affect the stops that have low ridership, but that those passengers will not be left without a ride.

"There might be some changes time, but not in service," said Ragland.

Carriere says there is a major change in service, "if you compare the 2 schedule to the 3a, it is alot less service."

"We will not be elimating service," said Ragland. "We are stream lining service, it may not be at the same time. They will still have time. We are providing better service overall."

So passengers in low rider areas may have to change their schedules in order to get to and from their destinations.

CAT will give residents a chance to give their input on the changes on Thursday during 2 public input meetings.

The meetings will be held at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the W.W. law community center on Bolton street. This is the first of several outreach meetings. CAT plans on having a final route plan by April.

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