Police program targets at-risk youth

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - People see very serious crimes committed by very young criminals every day. Now, one group of police officers are trying to reach the youth before they get in trouble.

"You've got to think about what's going to benefit you and having an attitude and going off, that is not going to benefit you," said an officer of Savannah-Chatham Metro Police to a youngster on Wednesday.

Conversations like that one happen every day in schools and neighborhoods across Savannah by police officers assigned to juvenile investigations.

They go to their schools, their homes, even their hangouts, getting to know more and more kids and help keep them out of the streets.

"You work with the kids, work with the kids, work with the kids. These things go up and down. It's not a straight line going up, it goes up and down. We have some successes, but we have some fallbacks," said Corporal Clarence Few of Savannah-Chatham Metro Police. "When you see the light come on, that's what we work, that's what we want."

The officers are also working with the children's families helping them understand what's needed on the home front.

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