Super 11 All-Star Blake Boylston

Blake Boylston
Calvary Baptist Day School
Senior Quarterback
60% completion record in 2002

"I'm real anxious to get back on the field," says Calvary Baptist quarterback Blake Boylston. "I'm looking forward to my senior season."

He enjoyed a huge year as a junior throwing to wide receivers Byron Scott and Trey Lanier as the Cavs went to the playoffs. "A lot of times they made me look good," said Boylston. They did a lot of the work. We don't have them this year, we have a different game plan, but we'll still throw it."

After last year's success, the Cavaliers will have a little different look in 2003. "We expect a lot of things from him this year," says Coach Danny Britt. "He can run the ball real well. He didn't have to do that a whole lot last year. This year I expect we'll have to do more of a short passing game."

Boylston completed 60-percent of his passes and a lot of them were downfield, "He has a good arm, it's strong and it's accurate," says Britt.

Most players have certain plays they enjoy running. But, Boylston gets the most enjoyment out of situations rather than a particular play. ""If something bad comes down, I have the confidence I can make something of it. If we have a drop back pass and I have to scramble and make something of it, that's my favorite type of play."

Last year was a real confidence builder for Boylston. The humble quarterback is optimistic about Calvary Baptist's prospects for the upcoming season, "I've very positive about the season. We can go a long way if we just stay together and not let things tear us apart."

Boylston comes by his football talents and instincts naturally. He's the son of former St. Andrew's coach David Boylston. "I grew up being a water boy," says Blake. "I liked going into the locker room, the coaches meetings, watching the other players, listening to how he talked to his players. He's influenced my life completely."

Next season, Blake would like to play college football, "I always thought I'd play at South Carolina," says Boylston. "Whatever God has planned for me is what I'll do. I'll just have fun my senior year and not worry about it."

Blessed with a great arm and armed with great grades, Boylston should be hearing from college coaches very soon.