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Super 11 All-Star Williams Giles

Williams Giles
Richmond Hill High School
6-4, 320 lbs, Senior
Offensive/Defensive Line
5.4 seconds in the 40

Williams Giles is a mountain of a man in the middle of the Richmond Hill offensive and defensive line. “When we line up, we like to think we have a guy who can handle his man and do the things we need him to do,” says Wildcats’ Coach Mike Dowis.

Giles is that man in Richmond Hill. Even at 6-4, 320 pounds, Giles is one of those anonymous offensive linemen who do the dirty work and get very little credit, “That’s just the way it is,” says Giles. “The quarterbacks and running backs usually get all the fame. But that doesn’t matter, you just work together as a team.”

Like other offensive linemen, Giles takes his satisfaction from a job well done, “You know you helped him make that touchdown. Collectively, we look back on it that if the team wins, that’s all that matters.”

Of course, there is a part of Giles that seeks a little attention by playing a little defense, “I started out as an offensive lineman,” says Giles. “But, whenever they need a defensive lineman in practice, I try to jump in there and show them what I can do. Defense is more fun for me, there are not as many rules to go by, and you just go out there and do your thing.”

Giles is getting a lot of attention from college recruiters and Dowis and his staff are doing their best to make him a better player, “The biggest thing we are working with William on is getting his feet moving and hand placement,” says Dowis. “He’s very talented.”

Giles wants to play college football next season and would like nothing better than to follow his grandfather (Billy Giles) to the University of Georgia. But would he like to play offense or defense, “I received more recognition as an offensive lineman, but this year I hope to even that out” says Giles. But, either way, it’s a great game.”

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