Super 11 All-Star Gary Guyton

Gary Guyton
Bradwell Institute
6-3, 215 lbs. Senior
Linebacker/Defensive End
4.4 seconds in the 40

Gary Guyton is the consummate linebacker who likes to make a lot of noise on the football field for the Bradwell Institute Tigers.  He also makes a lot of noise in the classroom.
That's what made him so attractive to college recruiters.  Last month, Guyton made a verbal commitment to play college football at Georgia Tech.
  The big and quick linebacker thinks the Tigers defense will be noticed in the 2003 season, "We plan to make a lot of noise, our defense is really a proud pack," says Guyton.  "We like to swarm to the ball and make a lot of noise."
Being a linebacker is a tough position to play.  It takes much more than just the physical ability, you have to be able to think quickly, "The secret to being a good linebacker is reading your keys, being quick and powerful, and
knowing what to do in certain situations, just a god-given ability to do what you've got to do."
When the play starts, the defensive dynamo quickly starts deciphering what to do next, "First I look at the quarterback and where the ball is going, where's the motion," says Guyton.  "It's really kind of complicated but after a while you get used to it and know what you want to do in certain situations."
Guyton understands the game of football and he understands the classroom is his future, "I have big dreams of going to college.  I want to be an electrical engineer if football doesn't work out for me."
He has the ability to succeed on both counts; after all, his favorite subjects are algebra and trigonometry.   His older brother, Terrence, has set the standard.  He graduated from Tennessee State last December as and electrical engineer and is working for Alabama Power.  "He sets a lot of standards in our family," says Guyton.  "Now, he's working on his master's degree in engineering."
That is the challenge for Guyton, the gauntlet has been thrown down, "There's a kind of competition," says Guyton.  "I have to outdo him in everything I do."
Guyton is a player who helps dispel the stereotype of football players as dumb jocks, "I do have the brains to play football and do well in the classroom."