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UPDATED 09/12/03

Computer Virus Information and Resources

NOTICE 09/12: Microsoft and the Department of Homeland Security are warning of a new potential threat.

Microsoft has announced a new vulnerability in these operating systems:

*Windows NT 4.0
*Windows 2000
*Windows XP
*Windows Server 2003

If exploited, this vulnerability could create an attack similar to last month's Blaster worm.

Read the advisory, which contains information on downloading a free update, here:

The Department of Homeland Security believes that exploits are being developed. Read its advisory here:

Update: As of 4:29pm Aug. 22, F-SECURE is reporting that all the computers SoBig is supposed to download from are offline, so it looks like the threat is neutralized at this point.

NOTICE 08/22: The SoBig email virus is expected to try to use infected machines to initiate a new attack today (Friday) and again Sunday between 3pm and 6pm EST. Infected machines will attempt to connect to the internet, download a program, and run it. At this time, it is unknown what the program is designed to do. Read more information from F-SECURE:

Check these links for details and disinfection information:

Currently the largest-spread virus in the world, "SoBig" is a worm that spreads via email. SoBig comes in the form of an email attachment that, if opened, can infect the computer and spread further. It mimics legitimate email addresses and can appear to come from a familiar source. The attachment has a size of around 70KB. Look for these kind of subject headings in emails you receive:

Thank you!
Your details
Your application
That movie

The attachment, typically, is named like one of these:


If you receive such an email you're not expecting, delete it. Do not open the attachment. Follow the links below for:

The latest virus news/software from F-SECURE:

Free firewall software from Zone Labs:

Virus protection/disinfection software:


Microsoft's Windows update site:

Microsoft's PC security hotline:

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