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Super 11 All-Star Zack Stanford

Zack Stanford
Metter High School
6-1, 200 lbs, Junior
4.9 seconds in the 40

Zack Stanford is like all the rest of the Metter Tigers; he’s going through a time of transition following the resignation of Coach Robby Robinson late in the school year.

Stanford had enjoyed unprecedented success during his freshman and sophomore seasons, each year helping the Tigers reach the state semi-finals in the Georgia Dome.

But now, going into his junior season, it’s a time of change. “It was real tough, as a matter of fact,” says Stanford. “Robby’s gone and we can't do anything about it. The team is seeing that he’s (Shane Dular) the only one we've got to work with. We have to give him a chance.”

Dular came to Metter after serving as the offensive coordinator under Jim Walsh, Jr., at Bradwell Institute. Stanford likes the offense since it won't change too much, “It’s mostly pass, not much running. I'm really excited about this year.”

Stanford is gaining confidence in the new coach, “He knows what he’s talking about,” says Stanford. “I don't know if he’s going to do as good as Robby Robinson, but I've got to give him a chance. I think he'll do all right.”

The junior quarterback already had confidence in his top returning wide receiver, another of the WTOC Super 11 picks, senior Octavian Henderson. “He has great speed,” says Stanford. “I like to go to him in clutch situations.” He thinks the secret to being a good passer is knowing your receivers, “You've got to know your receivers... know how fast they run... what routes they run.”

Stanford says he has been working on his footwork and lifting weights all summer, “He’s (Coach Dular) is serious about the weight room. Everybody’s been working this off-season, so we should have a good year.”

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