2001 Jeremy Mincey

Jeremy Mincey
Looking for a New Start

by Rick Snow

Defensive end Jeremy Mincey wasn't on the cover of Inside High School Football going into his senior season. In 2000, Mincey was just a member of the Statesboro Blue Devils squad. No one could predict the improvement... the season that was about to unfold.

But Mincey turned in a stellar performance in 2001 as the Devils went undefeated, winning the State AAAA Championship and being named the WTOC Defensive Player of the Year.

He had the talent to play at the next level, the top of the next level at that. However, he couldn't satisfy the NCAA requirement for core subjects and it was off to Butler County College in El Dorado, Kansas. "Things are going great, most importantly my grades, 3.0 average," says Mincey. "I've been working real hard on the field and off the field."

As he gets set to begin his second season in Kansas, Mincey is already looking to the future, and that future is in Gainesville, Florida. Mincey has been offered a scholarship by the Gators for the 2004 season, "That's the best decision I could make," says Mincey. "That will help me a whole lot because I have a friend, Jimtavis Walker, one of my friends on the field. That's going to keep me more focused, having somebody there for me who I grew up with."

Mincey's plans now are to enroll at Florida in the second semester. That would make him eligible for Spring Football. "They gave me a great offer, an offer I couldn't refuse," says Mincey.

With all the problems he has as a youngster growing up in a broken home, is it any wonder that he says of his current situation, "It's a dream come true, man."