InSite--Miscues & Misinformation in the Movies

Do you ever go to a movie and see something you know is wrong? Not bad acting, but bad planning? First off don't hate the movie, hate the mistakes. Or as the folks here do, savor the mistakes and search for them. The site is movie mistakes. If you want the full deal, you have to subscribe, but there's plenty to see here for us cheapskates. It's a British site, putting the "world" in World Wide Web, so the perspective is a little different, but the movies are the same.

Start with the most recent updates to the site. Interesting note, it's not just new movies and new mistakes, it's old movies people are still picking apart. Most recently, "American Graffiti" now thirty years old!

They do have much more recent mistake material, like the summer blockbuster, "Pirates of the Caribbean." Watch closely and you might spot something odd, like seventeenth century pirates wearing shoes with Velcro.

They have several lists on the site, including the top movies when it comes to mistakes. Maybe these are the bottom movies. "Titanic" is the big winner, or loser, with tidbits like titanic survivors in lifeboats wearing digital watches.

Another collection of lists, the top movies at the theater and in rental, both here and abroad, of course, with clickable links to their mistakes.

What web site would be complete without a forum where fans can debate movies and mistakes and just generally beat up on each other on line.

One other feature that'll help you, a simple search, where you just click on a letter and get a list of movies.

You can check out "Forest Gump" to see the little things you probably overlooked the first ten times you saw the movie.

Yes, there is a page on "Midnight ."

As well as a small section on TV shows. Small, because the webmaster just likes movies better.