Customers changing routines due to pinch at the pump

By Don Logana - bio | email

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Gas prices around Statesboro have done nothing but go up lately. Customers said paying at the pump has become almost painful.

"Oh I've been watching every day because I have to be going around a lot," assured Robbie Rock of nearby Register. "When I've got the money for gas, I like to go see my son up in Atlanta. Right now I don't have it so I stay here."

"With my Jeep, it's killing me. I'm spending $40 to $50 a week in gas," exclaimed Rachel Hunter, who said the price is limiting her non-essential travel as well.

"I just saw the news last night where oil went to $100 a barrel. The way it looks it's gonna keep on rising," chimed in Christopher Connelly of Sylvania.

Repairman J.C. Lee of Honey Do Maintenance said he's now trying to schedule non-emergency house calls in order to save gas.

"You try to gang things up and go to all in one day instead of doing one and going home. So you try to put them on the same day," he explained.

Most customers see it all tied to the unrest in Libya and the Middle East. Whether actual production costs have gone up or merely given sellers an excuse to raise prices. Opinions are divided as to whether the rise in orchestrated by OPEC, international oil companies, or commodity brokers. Congressman John Barrow says, unfortunately, the sellers control the market.

"This isn't exactly a market governed by supply and demand. It's governed by an absolute demand for something folks have to have and their ability to raise prices at will," Congressman John Barrow stated.

People at the pumps Thursday weren't sure what will happen next, but they'll be glad when things settle enough to bring prices back down.

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