Hodge students learn about careers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Students at Hodge Prepatory Academy are getting ready for their future. Kindergarten through fifth grade students learned all about different careers and what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Most students on Thursday were interested in becoming star athletes.

"We are encouraging our students to be interested in sports, but also being interested in becoming a doctor, becoming a lawyer, becoming a nurse," said Counselor Natalie Little.

"What I think the students will get the most out of is learning how to prepare themselves for this career, for the careers they choose, by learning how to dress, learning the communication style, the type of work ethic," said Counselor Amber Swain.

There were two career expos filled with all types of businesses, from the military to the medical industry.

Students came up with interview questions for potential employers so they would know what types of classes they need to take to actually become a doctor or maybe even a reporter.

WTOC's Evan Johnson was there to answer student's questions.

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