Vassar Street Homicides

For the second time in less than a week, a soldier has been found murdered in her home. Last Sunday in Hinesville, 20 year old Lakeitha Sims was found murdered in her home. On Friday night, Savannah police discovered 24 year old Annisha Sutton and her two year old son dead inside their home on Vassar Street.

Sutton's neighbors are in shock over what happened. Crime scene tape still surrounds the house. Police arrested Sutton's husband, 25 year old Shaun Sutton, Saturday morning. They believe he killed his 24 year old wife Annisha and their two year old son Shaun Junior. Even though Sutton is now behind bars, neighbors are still coming to terms with this bizarre tragedy.

"It's a sad thing to have someone killed right next door to you. I've been here 44 years and this is the first time anything happened in this neighborhood of this sort, so it's really nerve racking," said Loyer Bolden.

According to neighbors, the couple had only been living in the house for about a week. According to one neighbor, the couple seemed relatively nice, but she thought the husband acted a little unusual. "One day he said to me the trash can has flies in it and I knew that he was seeing something that wasn't there," said Bolden.

Although police are not saying what the motive is behind this terrible crime, they say they are confident they have the killer.

Specialist Annisha Sutton was from the 603rd Support Battalion Aviation Brigade. She was a member of Bravo company based out of Hunter Army Air Field. Police are still looking for a suspect in Lakeitha Sims' murder. If you have any information about what happened, call Hinesville Police.

Reported by Nicole Teigen,