Top Teacher: Dianne Hunter

By Jennifer Serda - email | bio

GLENNVILLE, GA (WTOC) - In todays day and age most people move from place to place so finding a role model from your childhood can be difficult; but not at Glennville Elementary.

Ms. Dianne Hunter started her teaching career in the classrooms of Glennville Elementary 24 years ago; teaching 3rd grade for deven years and spending the remainder in second grade.

"They are so sweet they are just so loving when they first come to school they hug me and they greet me with smiles and try to tell me little stories. It's just a wonderful grade they want to be here and I want to be here."

After more than two decades in the classroom and at the same school gives Ms. Hunter an advantage some teachers may not get - the chance to see the fruits of their labor.

"You get use to the area, the people, and the children they grow up and they come back and their children and you get to teach their children."

Like fellow teacher Sara Dasher, who was once Ms. Hunter's student and now her co-worker.

"I get to see the benefits like Sara. She has grown up, she had done a great job as a child, then in high school she did a great job, and now she is doing a great job as a teacher. It is rewarding I feel like I accomplished something by watching her."

It's a great accomplishment that makes Ms. Dianne Hunter a WTOC Top Teacher.

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