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Run, Black Kid, Run - The musings of a professional non-runner

(My apologies in advance for those who sit and peruse this entire post. I'm a journalist at heart, so I gotta get all of the details in there, regardless of the word count. If it makes you feel any better, I will probably have gone through 3 or 4 rewrites before this even sees the light of day.)

Whoever said pain is just weakness leaving the body is full of it. If that were the case I'd be as strong as Hercules by now. No, pain is your body telling you you're doing something stupid. Jumping off a roof? Stupid. Pain. Steal cookies from your momma's cookie jar? Stupid. Pain.

Get up and just think you'll be able to run 13 miles after being inactive for about six months?

Really stupid.

Lots of pain.

Sufficed to say, after the first week of boot camp, I'm in a bit of pain. And by bit I mean a whole lot. My back is a mess at the moment, not entirely the direct result of the boot camp, however. I guess I should explain the two main reasons why I decided to do this. That might actually allow me to make some sense:

1) To get in shape - Notice that I said in shape and not back in shape. I've been an athlete all my life. Played pretty much every sport (that my mom allowed me too). I was a two time All-Region player in baseball at Jenkins back in high school. Played every intramural sport that my university provided every year. So I can go out and play all day. All day. But ask me to run half a mile? Not happening. Why?

Well, for one. I'm sick all the time. Put me near anyone or anything and I'll catch whatever they have. Add that to the fact that over the years my body was really beat up from all the sports I was playing, and I don't really have that much endurance for long runs. So I need to prove to myself that I can do this, that I can actually get in shape to do something as ridiculous as run 13 miles.

2) Girl problems - I mean, isn't that always the case? I guess I should clarify. About seven months ago (the same time I stopped being active. Ironic, no?) I went through the biggest change in my life ever. Just graduated from college, moved back home with my parents/without my friends, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. So of course, my girlfriend of nearly three years, the one who I was getting ready to marry, decides we shouldn't be together anymore. Long story short, blah blah blah, I was miserable, and I'm now chubbier than I should be. I mean, it's a loveable kind of chubby, but it's chubby.

I just need that moment. You know, that moment in every girl movie where the main character does something that she never thought she would do in her life with the music playing in the background? I need that moment. And I feel like running a half marathon could be that moment for me. I know I have to do something. Go watch a girly movie. It'll make sense.

So that's about it. That's me in a nutshell and why I guess I'm gonna stick with this thing. Probably not what you would expect to hear from a big 'ol black kid, but there it is. And it's gonna hurt. And there will be days where I won't be able to walk. But this is something that I want and need to do, so I think if I have the support of everyone else, I just might make it this time.

Oh, also, the title of my blog: has anyone seen the movie Run Fat Kid Run?  Pretty good movie. Basically it follows this guy as he attempts to win back his ex fiance whom he left at the altar by running a marathon.  It actually works. Now I'm not saying that I'm gonna be able to get my girl back, but a guy can always dream...