Craig Harney - Operations Manager

A Beginning Feeling

A few months ago I had 10 minutes to kill and randomly picked up a Savannah Magazine and randomly turned to the article on the back page.  An excellent local writer – Charlotte Jarrett – had penned a piece in which she described how she and her best friend had come up with a perfect shorthand to communicate feelings in their lives, large and small.

"Driving around downtown with the top down feeling….Stuck at a friend's house and didn't drive myself feeling…Sunday feeling."

You can see it can't you?

Charlotte's brilliance came to mind in the cool air of Saturday morning as spring painted the sky blue and the sun gold.

A beginning feeling.

There lying in the wet grass doing pushups, lunges, squats and – Oy! – inch worms with my friends it felt like I was finally doing the thing I've been meaning to do for years now.  And it seemed reasonable and sustainable, cause when I couldn't run any more Frances walked along with me and then Fa Fa (aka Karen Reardon) joined and we heckled Marsha passing us going the other way and we thought seriously about sprinting at the end so as to pass and shame Muth.


I don't have any illusions about actually being able to run a half marathon by November, but I feel pretty confident that I can continue to do what we did today and maybe build on it a little at the time.

But right now?

Pancake feeling.