Editorial feedback - 02/21/11

Sadly, your 2-21-11 editorial hurts to the bone.

I've heard these pledges time and time again. Post everything on the internet, veto all pork, e.t.c. , e.t.c., e.t.c.

Every move and action hurts this country. From ignoring Constitutional laws laws to outright lying and "lawfully" killing millions of babies. I thought he was a Christian. Even the quote to stop running up the credit card is a lie. Just watch and see what is going to happen. More spending, minimal reductions in debt, idiotic, expensive new high-speed rails for the convenience of the senators. HELLO....ist anybody listening ? We've seen what the Democrats did the last two years and it was not saving money or saving the country. Always more excuses for not doing the right thing. Always.The insanity continues with a 2012 budget which, this alone will kill us. Job killing bills .... on purpose.

Four billion Dollars every day for the interest on the national debt alone .... every day, after day, after day. By next year we will owe 5 billions daily IF the budget passes. If a Muslim was running the country it could not get worse.

We do not need more rhetoric and BS but cutting, cutting, cutting, and above ALL ELSE we will need to return to the God of our fathers.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA