Practicing to save lives overseas

FT. STEWART, GA (WTOC) - Members of the explosive ordinance disposal teams started off an EOD competition with a bang Wednesday.

The 756th, 766th, and 38th units stationed at Fort Stewart showed off what they've learned in a skills challenge.

They used advanced bomb robots capable of making complex, minute movements when it matters most. The work never goes unrewarded, saving lives overseas.

So back home, this training is so vital, as the ever evolving explosives makers learn how to create newer and deadlier devices.

"Our job is really perishable. So everything you do you just needs to be practicing on all the time," said SGT Brian Sevensma, US Army, 38th EOD.

"It's hard work. It's a lot of studying. A lot of, like I said before, a lot of training. It's constant, all the time. Everything changes, no two things are the same that we deal with," said PFC William Gaither, US Army, 756th EOD.

The competition continues the rest of the week.

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