InSITE--What's That Word?

Do you ever talk to someone and have no idea what something they say means? It's always been a problem for parents and their teenagers, now it's moved to us normal folks and computer technicians or trendy talk show hosts. You'd better check Wordspy before you jump the shark, suffer from male answer syndrome, or wind up looking like a himbo. It's not just the jargon. It's the trendy, the thoughtful, and sometimes just strange.

No fancy pictures here, not a lot of ads or popups either. Just the words. It starts simply enough, with a word of the day, just like back in grade school, so you can work on your vocabulary skills. Just like a real reference, scroll on down to see how the word is used in real- world writing or conversation, and then just where it comes from . In the upper right corner, some related words and phrases.

On the homepage, there's a list of the last ten words posted, and the top ten. Plus a search feature that will help you look something up when you read it or hear it. Like what sounded like the nonsense at the start of this story.

"Jump the shark", the moment in life when things are going really, really well, and you screw it up. It comes from television, actually, the episode when "happy days" went from good fun to something to make fun of.

Like the "male answer syndrome." that's when we answer a question, whether we know the answer or not.

And "himbo?" they'd know all about "male answer syndrome." but they wouldn't understand it. The male version of bimbo, good looking, but unintelligent or superficial.

They are on the cutting edge with words you're likely to hear on the talk shows, like "politainer." An entertainer who goes into politics. So fresh, you might just out hip folks who didn't see The Terminator on Jay Leno.