Smiley Elementary students enter coloring contest

LUDOWICI, GA (WTOC) - Smiley Elementary students getting ready for the school's annual art show took some time to work on getting their entries ready for the WTOC St. Patrick's Day Coloring Contest.

After they finished their coloring contest sheets, they were back to work on their art show projects. Smiley Elementary Art Teacher Danielle Nobles was doing some fine work encouraging the students to do their best.

"I like to reference some famous artwork, like their self portraits, for some of the classes, I'll pull out some things, self portraits from Picasso or Fridacalo, portraits that show emotion and different color tones," said Nobles.

The Smiley Elementary Art Show is in April but it celebrated throughout the year at the school. After the show, the principal will select the best work and display it in the hallways until the folllowing year's show.

If you would like to enter the WTOC St. Patrick's Day Coloring Contest, there is still time. The deadline is Friday, March 4 at 5 p.m. [Download the contest form (PDF)]

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