Parents Patrol School Hallways

Rumors of gangs at Groves High School have parents taking matters into their own hands. Several parents signed up last night to patrol the halls today. Many of them are saying it's going to take more than just volunteers to put an end to the violence. Although there have only been a few reported incidents, unreported violence in the hallways is now being addressed.

"There's a lot of things in between a full fight, between just walking through the hallways, some pushing, some shoving, some comments being made, those types of things," said principal Dr. Lucy Phillip. "There's probably more of that going around than we knew about and we're trying to crack down even more on that."

Taking an active role are parents like Steve Edwards, who's taken the time out of his busy schedule to see what his own kids are dealing with. What he told us is that it's going to take a lot more than just his presence alone. "It's going to take parents, teachers and everybody else--and mostly the kids--to straighten everything out," he said.

Although things seemed pretty calm while we were here, officials say dealing with these acts of violence is going to be a top priority. "How many more we have than any other school I don't know and it doesn't matter," said Dr. Phillip. "I mean, I'm really concerned with us getting to the point that everybody feels comfortable."

And that's something parents agree with. As Steve Edwards put it, "It's a bad situation and I know everybody's trying as hard as they can and we just got to see what we can do."

The principal told us that the school will be setting up its own task force to to punish those who act inappropriately. This task force will be composed of parents, students and the school council. They'll be meeting in about a week to discuss how they're going to solve these problems.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,