Georgia Wants an Answer from DaimlerChrysler

There's been a lot of talk about DaimlerChrysler coming to Chatham County. Last week, Georgia leaders wrote the automaker, asking for some definite answers. The letter basically updates DaimlerChrysler on the progress of the site, restating Georgia's commitment to the company. But it does talk about reevaluating plans in the future.

Controversy is swelling over the site since the company delayed its decision on building a new plant in Pooler. Now the letter, written by the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism, is getting some mixed reviews. The letter says the state has suspended a number of site activities specific to DaimlerChrysler, along with reiterating the fact that Georgia is still committed.

Pooler mayor Buddy Carter had this to say: "We are still very optimistic they are going to make a positive decision, we still need to know something."

The letter states, "At the present time, we do not have plans to market the site to other users. However, as we reach the end of the year without a decision from DaimlerChrysler, we will be compelled to again evaluate our position on this issue."

"We can't continue on forever," said Carter. "I mean, we need to know something, certainly that's the message that's trying to be sent."

Rick Winger from Savannah Economic Development Authority says it was not meant as an ultimatum, but as a progress report. "The point should be made that the State of Georgia is not telling DaimlerChrysler we're about to take it away, we're telling them we hope they can make up their mind soon"

Mayor Carter tells us DaimlerChrysler is expected to hold another meeting in October and they hope to hear something from them at that point.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,