Firehouse Subs donates water rescue gear to SFES

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah Fire and Emergency Services is receiving some much needed rescue equipment from a familiar restaurant chain.

The Firehouse Subs manager on Victory Drive recognized by firefighters on Tuesday. Local owner Chad Weaver donated more than $19,000 worth of water rescue equipment to Savannah Fire. It includes floatation devices, dry suites. and scuba gear for trained firefighters.

"We're going through some budgetary times right now, so all of the equipment we'd like to have we're unable to and that's what makes a partnership like this so great," said Chief Charles Middleton of SFES. "What this equipment will allow us do is become really more efficient in being primary first responders on the water. It's not the full diving type rescue. If a car goes into a pond or something like that, then we can throw equipment in and when our people are trained in the water technician level, they can actually go in and effect a rescue."

Patrons' spare change left at the counter and every empty pickle bucket they buy goes to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

"They request the equipment and if it's approved, we can go ahead and make the donation," Weaver said.

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