Editorial feedback - 02/28/11

In your 2-28-11 editorial you point a very bleak picture. Do the people really think that freedom will be maintained by insulting our troops. When it is too late and they are bowing towards Mekka, then, yes then they wish ..... but it will be too late.

"Ah, Juergen, you must be kidding,"you say, "It can never happen here." See what is going on in Egypt, Iran and their neighborhood. See what is going on in Europe. Holland will most likely go first, . Hitler got to power in a country, highly educated, certainly much more than here in those days.

The apostles asked Jesus what will be the signs of the end. He answered (and this is the original text: Ethnos will rise against Ethnos. This is where we get our "Ethnic" from. Guess what: Jesus was right. Ethnic groups against Ethnic groups..

Christianity against Muslims. Get ready America, it will get very very bad. Not only on the campuses.In Matthew 24:22 it says that no flesh would be left if God does not intervene. Israel, despite our anti Israel administration, will win. GUARANTEED.

Choose this day whom you will serve. He is faithful and just. Period !

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.